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Putting the Iron in Ironman

Iron is absolutely essential for athletic performance. Iron is important for endurance athletes in particular because of the strenuous physical demands placed on their aerobic system and muscles. Low iron levels can lead to exhaustion, weakened immune system, poor recovery, decreased performance, and can take up to 3-6 months to normalize iron stores! Iron deficiencyContinue reading “Putting the Iron in Ironman”

How To Drink Like An Athlete

Maintaining fluid balance is extremely dynamic- constantly changing and fluctuating. Staying hydrated throughout the day and during exercise can be a real struggle for many athletes! These losses occur mostly through sweat during exercise, and if not adequately replenished, can lead to an increase in core temperature, impair normal bodily functions and negatively impact athleticContinue reading “How To Drink Like An Athlete”

High Performance Recovery Nutrition

With greater exercise volume and intensity, comes greater nutritional responsibility!  The timing, type and quality of post-exercise nutrition has a significant impact on training adaptations and overall recovery. Recovery nutrition post-exercise is important for replenishing muscle glycogen stores, resynthesizing muscle protein, supporting a strong immune system and ensuring adequate rehydration. You may be familiar withContinue reading “High Performance Recovery Nutrition”

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