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Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

Holidays are a wonderful time of year for many people, but may also be a stressful time for some when it comes to eating. Many of us struggle with feeling out of control around food, overeating, or anxiety eating food they don’t usually have. Here are my top 10 tips for eating during the holidays:…

Choosing Safe Sport Supplements

According to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, 87% of athletes say they use supplements. 19% of athletes get their advice from family and friends, 13.5% from strength trainers, and 10.8% from their teammates. A mere 4% of athletes ask their doctors and 0.8% consult a Registered Dietitian. There are many cases where supplements…

Nutrition for a Strong Immune System

Are you sick of getting colds? Nutrition is one of many factors that play an important role in keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Your immune system protects against foreign pathogens to the human body- we literally cannot survive without it! Injury or illness can significantly interrupt training blocks, training adaptation, and can make…

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