Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

Holidays are a wonderful time of year for many people, but may also be a stressful time for some when it comes to eating. Many of us struggle with feeling out of control around food, overeating, or anxiety eating food they don’t usually have. Here are my top 10 tips for eating during the holidays:Continue reading “Nutrition Tips for the Holidays”

Choosing Safe Sport Supplements

According to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, 87% of athletes say they use supplements. 19% of athletes get their advice from family and friends, 13.5% from strength trainers, and 10.8% from their teammates. A mere 4% of athletes ask their doctors and 0.8% consult a Registered Dietitian. There are many cases where supplementsContinue reading “Choosing Safe Sport Supplements”

Nutrition for a Strong Immune System

Are you sick of getting colds? Nutrition is one of many factors that play an important role in keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Your immune system protects against foreign pathogens to the human body- we literally cannot survive without it! Injury or illness can significantly interrupt training blocks, training adaptation, and can makeContinue reading “Nutrition for a Strong Immune System”

10 Nutrition Tips for the Travelling Athlete

Pack lots of snacks! We tend to snack on foods that are not as healthy when we are unprepared, when we have skipped a meal, or have limited food options. These are more likely to happen in unfamiliar places such as airports, or on the road. Planning is everything! Here are some suggestions for easyContinue reading “10 Nutrition Tips for the Travelling Athlete”

Putting the Iron in Ironman

Iron is absolutely essential for athletic performance. Iron is important for endurance athletes in particular because of the strenuous physical demands placed on their aerobic system and muscles. Low iron levels can lead to exhaustion, weakened immune system, poor recovery, decreased performance, and can take up to 3-6 months to normalize iron stores! Iron deficiencyContinue reading “Putting the Iron in Ironman”

How To Drink Like An Athlete

Maintaining fluid balance is extremely dynamic- constantly changing and fluctuating. Staying hydrated throughout the day and during exercise can be a real struggle for many athletes! These losses occur mostly through sweat during exercise, and if not adequately replenished, can lead to an increase in core temperature, impair normal bodily functions and negatively impact athleticContinue reading “How To Drink Like An Athlete”

High Performance Recovery Nutrition

With greater exercise volume and intensity, comes greater nutritional responsibility!  The timing, type and quality of post-exercise nutrition has a significant impact on training adaptations and overall recovery. Recovery nutrition post-exercise is important for replenishing muscle glycogen stores, resynthesizing muscle protein, supporting a strong immune system and ensuring adequate rehydration. You may be familiar withContinue reading “High Performance Recovery Nutrition”

Let’s Talk About RED-S

Under-fuelling is no joke. When an athlete does not consume enough calories for a prolonged period of time to support their energy demands for training and other resting metabolic functions, they are at risk for developing a syndrome called RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport). What is RED-S? The commonly known Female Athlete Triad (shownContinue reading “Let’s Talk About RED-S”